Shekinah Home

Shekinah is a place where orphans and street children can be raised up in a loving, homely environment, and educated so they can reach their full potential. Shekinah is managed by three house mothers who provide love, care and stability for the children (most of whom have come from very troubled backgrounds).

The Light Outreach believes that children are best brought up in families and so, if it is safe and practicable, we try to help the children keep in touch with family members or be re-united. For those without families, we work with the Social Welfare Department to see if a child could be fostered or adopted.

Shekinah Home has been running for over 10 years and is currently home to 24 children between the ages of 2 and 21.

We believe that education is very important so all the children over 5 years old are in school - this includes many of the older children who missed out on education as they were growing up. For example, one of the young men has never had a formal education but Shekinah home has provided the necessary stability for him to catch up on his education - he is currently in Form 3 and doing well. He hopes to graduate later this year then study to be an electrician.

The Light Outreach is also supporting two children who are at boarding school but come home to Shekinah most holidays and three children who were part of the Shekinah ‘family’ but have now moved on to pursue vocational training. One is studying auto electrical engineering, another is studying dressmaking and beading and a third is doing secretarial training.

If you would be interested in sponsoring one of our children or donating to Shekinah, details are available in the Get involved section.

Shekinah Building Project

Shekinah children’s home is based near Dawa and has been purposely built to cater for the needs of the children. The building is fully operational but there are plans to build additional bedrooms so more children can be accommodated. There are also plans to extend the kitchen, to fit guttering to the roof so we can collect rain water more efficiently and to dig a borehole so we have an independent water supply.

If you would be interested in contributing to our building project, please go to the Get Involved page.

Street Outreach

The Light Outreach has street outreach projects in London, UK and also in Tema and Accra ,Ghana.

In London, we reach out to homeless people at Waterloo and the Strand areas by offering food, toiletries, blankets and clothing. We assist them to find accommodation and refer them to appropriate agencies. On Christmas day, we provide

Other Outreach Projects

Wheels for the World

Every two years, we partner with ‘Wheels for the World’, a UK based charity that provides mobility aids to disabled people. The Light Outreach helps by organising the clearance, storage and distribution of the mobility aids in Ghana. We also assist the ‘Wheels for the World’ team of therapists when they come to Ghana. We organise travel and accommodation at the distribution points and provide the necessary assistance to ensure that the distributions go smoothly and efficiently.

Leper Village, Ho

In 2013, the Light Outreach provided food, clothing and toiletries etc to a Leper community in Ho. These residents are healed of their disease but live with the long term disability and stigma that leprosy brings. Many find it difficult to support themselves and their families .